SC LIM — Holy Ash, Lourdes water + awesome advice from a Tibetan master — out-lived all his doctors

SC Lim (circled) with other cancer heroes and heroines

Capt Lim Swee Cheong, 41, was given only 10 weeks to live, after horrific radiation treatment in 1981 for nasopharyneal carcinoma (nose cancer). This is an excerpt from the miraculous healing that saw Lim outlive the four doctors, a radiologist and oncologist who attended to him.

Lim, a gregarious free-thinker, gratefully accepted the prayers of his many friends in their churches, temples and mosques.

Friends like PO Ram brought him holy ash (vibuti) from Sai Baba and also sent him a bottle of holy water from Our Lady of Lourdes, Lim gratefully drank both.

Then a friend brought him to see a Tibetan master, schooled in Kundalini Yoga who told the previous carnivore Lim that “the power for healing is within you but to release it you must adopt a vegetarian diet.”

The Master got Lim to sit in a lotus position (back straight) and gently pressed the base of his spine and said:

“The ancients believed that focus through meditation and prayer at this spot, enables you to tap the human cosmic force within, and without.

“Remember that you are part of the Cosmos and the Cosmos is part of you. Only you alone can be your own human radio transmitter or receiver. ….

Only You can send or cause to send, only you can receive or cause to receive across intervening space and time, the message, signals, energy or waves you want.

Remember, your life is a form of Electricity – a spark from the divine power. Blood contains chemicals that produce electricity. If properly mastered by the mind, psyche or spirit, it (blood) can be harnessed to respond to the cosmic energy which our bodies receive every second from outer space.

“Your personality consists of more than molecular structures and bio-chemical make-up; your mind, your spirit or psyche can and must be harnessed to manifest within you, the cosmos and at the same time a life force that can enable you to be even more a part of the cosmos….the Power is within You.”

Not long after that declaration, the dying Lim had a pre-Dawn healing from the Cosmos (the Chinese call it the Purple Rose phenomena)

One morning, 4 am I stood with feet bare on the cushion of grass in the garden…as my breathing became deeper, steadier, slower…I started to chant slowly..Om Mani Padme Hum….

“It was extremely difficult given the excruciating pain and thirst of my ulcerated blood-stained mouth and throat…but as the state of my consciousness altered, I became are of something new, unusual, intense…

Suddenly with eyes wide and….I saw a strange, silent and mysterious white-golden, orange-red, stream of spinning ‘energy glow’ moving through the air with increasing speed…

Then, numb with astonishment…this oscillating stream of energy struck me directly on my forehead…For the first time, since the beginning of my illness I saw and sensed…not death, but energy, life and power.”

Lim had watched his devoted wife Linda, every night, kneeling, pleading,

“Lord you have the power to heal, let my husband be healed by tomorrow morning.” He was stunned!

Break of Dawn: Lim woke from a sleep free of the ‘ugly cough, the erratic heart beats, the pain and pounding at the temples and head and above all, the strangulating feeling at my chest and throat.”

He walked to the mirror and suddenly he could feel and see “the different ‘man’ who looked back at him…..His family – Linda and his three boys were stunned, then jubilant, they cried tears of joy.

Postscript: Doctors have no answer for what they call “a spontaneous remission.” But Lim was certain that his holistic approach: his meditation, his fasting (detox), his meatless, raw food diet and the prayers from everyone of every faith, contributed to the miracle that took place – within the year, just as the Monk had predicted.

After his miraculous healing, SC Lim wrote Dawn Breaks Upon the Darkest Hour (ISBN:9810005784)* and he flew to Canada to study herbalism and nutrition and he set up practice.

Betty: I knew SC Lim in the University of Singapore – 2 years my senior; I interviewed him in 2006, when he was 67. The full story of SC Lim – The Man Who Would Not Die is told in my 2007/2009 book, Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally.


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